The Garden House had not delivered all its secrets. After the discovery, on its walls, a graffiti and call into question the date of the eruption of mount Vesuvius, archaeologists have found on Monday a fabulous booty. Amethyst, coralline algae, amber, glass beads and amulets have been found in the heart of the ancient city italy Pompeii, in the V region of the archaeological park, the new area of archaeological study.

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Jewels of crystal, amber, ceramics, and amethysts are also part of the loot. Abbate Cesare/Abbate Cesare/Ansa/ABACA

The presence of lucky charms, figurines representing the god of wine and fertility Dionysos, amulets and statuettes in bone has led archaeologists to be called this discovery “the treasure of the sorcerer”. Or, rather, the witch.

In the room where stood the box, the archaeologists have dug up a dozen bodies of women and children are the victims of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 after Jesus Christ. The treasury would therefore have belonged to its women, who were likely slaves. Because the trunk is devoid of gold objects, synonyms of wealth and are highly prized by the nobility of Pompeii. But considering the quality of these objects, the master of the house had to be a man of high rank.

“They could have been worn during rituals, as charms against bad luck, rather than as ornaments,” says the BBC Massimo Osanna, director of the archaeological park of Pompeii.

“They could have been worn during rituals rather than as ornaments,” says Massimo Osanna. Abbate Cesare/Abbate Cesare/Ansa/ABACA

“These objects of the everyday life of women are extraordinary because they tell microhistoires. These are the biographies of the inhabitants of the city who have attempted to escape the eruption,” he continued.

If the eruption of the volcano has decimated the population, it has miraculously preserved the city thanks to the ashes, which were buried. The trunk in which were contained the objects, it only remains that the hinges in bronze. The wooden walls are broken down over time. The volcanic material that is hardened around the box has helped to preserve the artifacts trapped inside.

During Antiquity, the use of magic could be used to assist all stages of life, fertility, or seduction, the birth of a child or the success of a marriage. In this region of Campania, the earthquakes were able to stimulate the use of these practices. They have clearly not been enough to prevent the eruption of Vesuvius.