special Envoy to Brive

Stoic in the face of fatigue, enthusiastic in front of any solicitation, François Hollande, has multiplied the hugs and the photographs in the book Fair of Brive. Friday 9 November, the ex-head of State joined his land to continue the promotion of Lessons of power , his book review on his five-year term, issued in April 2018. Although he claims not to pursue any partisan interests, he does not forget that these interactions with the French are instructive.

Le Figaro – You have just signed your latest book The lessons of power for more than two hours. What is it that motivates you to make these signings?

François Hollande – I like to do this, even if, of course, they are fatiguantes. If I didn’t, I would not do it. I don’t need to. You have seen, as I proceed? I’m not an autograph automatic. I try to customize each of these meetings. To ensure that this relationship is entered in the memory. And not only that of the drive: mine, too.

You continue your tour de France, libraries book fairs. You are curious to know what the French think?

I understood the political interest that these meetings had, I must say. It is also for this reason that I multiply. I probe the heart of the French. I hear what they feel, say. And I don’t focus simply on what they think or have thought of my five-year term. What interests me is what they live today, their current situation. At the beginning, I didn’t do signings, too many but I learn a lot of things to this contact.

Of the readers have 300 km to see you.

And some come from far away in the past also! The knowledge that I encountered years ago. Some evoke our families, provide family trees… photos to me are the data of the pictures taken at events that I have participated in or of the highlights of my quinquennnat. They give me letters, gifts. These stories, humans are very short social exchanges but very rich.

Why do they come to see you, according to you?

Some come simply because I was the president of the Republic. Our discussion becomes a document, a meeting marked in time. Other to give messages of sympathy and recognition.

Write, is this becoming a real business for you?

Yes. Before I wrote anything. But I have a bit of time now.

prime minister Edward Philip was supposed to go today to the Fair of Brive and has abruptly cancelled…

He was scared surely. He moved back in front of the crowd! (Laughter.)