In 1917, Picasso, Massine and Satie created Parade . Great scandal, and entrance to the Châtelet in the entertainment world who think beyond the extravaganza and operettas, which had made its history. The reference is so important that for its reopening after two years of work, the Châtelet has provided a new Parade . Will he be at the height of that of 1917? It is not necessarily the issue. Rather, it would, according to Ruth MacKenzie and Thomas Lauriot dit Prevost, the new directors, using the reference of the Parade to create a bridge between the arts and the public.

The circassians, whose numbers have been designed by Stéphane Ricordel and Elizabeth Streb, will lead the dance, from the place de l’hôtel-de-Ville, with the giant puppets of Mozambique. The rest will be inside. The program, surprises concocted by the director Martin Duncan and designer Francis O’connor. A special partition has been composed by Pierre-Yves Macé. It will be led by Matthias Pintscher at the head of the musicians of the Ensemble intercontemporain.

Lawn of Reuilly, 10 companies give 25 representations (including 12 free). Among them, a very nice air show Mélissa Von Vépy, the acrobats of the company’s Bag, the odd life of Anna Weber in horse-hair , the worn of the collective Na Esquina… workshops are also planned for the whole family.

Châtelet . Place du Châtelet (IVe).Tel.: 01 40 28 28 40. Dates: of the 13th to the 15th of sept.

Village de Cirque : lawn of Reuilly (Xii). Dates: 13 to 22 sept.