Announced several years ago by the BBC, the event series His Dark Materials , adapted from the trilogy the Crossroads of the Worlds by Philip Pullman, is expected to finally be released in the coming months. After a first teaser, unveiled in February, HBO is in charge of its dissemination, has shared a trailer of a minute of his first season. This is far from the first attempt to screen adaptation of this famous saga literature. The director Chris Weitz in partnership with the studios Warner, Compass Gold , was killed in 2007 by a dismal failure with critics despite its success at the box-office international. The new test on the small screen, away from the strict codes of the cinema, focuses the attention of fans of Pullman, in the hope that justice will be meted out to this epic of the major works of british literature.

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“You asked me once to explain to you what was wrong. There are things that you shouldn’t try to understand,” insists Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), the young Lyra (Dafne Keen). The new trailer for His Dark Materials , in the line of its first teaser, seems to be already much darker than the film by Chris Weitz. If the duality of Ms. Coulter (Ruth Wilson) proves to be even more one discovers, especially some of the other important characters of the story, which starts with a series of abductions of children: Lin-Manuel Miranda in the role of the adventurer Lee Scoresby, Ariyon Bakare, in that of the mysterious Lord Boreal and finally James Cosmo in wear makeup, Coram, advisor of the gypsies.

At the Crossroads of the Worlds is sold in a bookstore at the ray youth, in the category of young adults. In reality, the trilogy of Philip Pullman, having several levels of interpretation, suitable to a much larger audience. Saga of the major works of british literature, the history of this young girl, cheeky twelve-year-old party to save his friend disappeared and driven in spite of itself in political games complex, has all the qualities for a scenario effective, as well as spectacular images. The proof: in 2008, the attempt of adaptation of Weitz won an Oscar and a Bafta for its special effects as well as a nomination for its décor. Why, then, such a rejection of criticism and no action?

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beyond its stories of bears in armour, witches and magical artifacts, the initiatory journey of Lyra through the worlds is actually subject to many controversies. By comparing multiple ideologies of scientists to their equivalent religious, Pullman questions the christianity and ecclesiastical organization of the religion. If these questions are relatively dilute in the first volume, the Kingdoms of The North , they become more and more marked in the volume following, The Tower of the Angels , and even essential to the dramatic finale of the series in The Mirror of Amber .

Lyra and lobbyists religious

Announced as the new Lord of the Rings , Compass Gold of Chris Weitz was finally caught by his rewriting too smooth of the major issues of the trilogy, and in particular the deletion of the last scenes of the first volume – yet touring – its final version. Heavy meaning, these last minutes were the most striking, as harbingers of the turn openly critical and polemical of the suite. The public would will ever see in cinema.

For all that, the fault lies not only with the filmmaker, supported by Philip Pullman, but the studios are cooled to the extreme by the strong pressure exerted by various lobbies religious. Harvey Weinstein, then master of New Line Cinema, would have preferred to return Chris Weitz two months before the film’s release in cinemas, to ask that the film be entirely re-edited “movie” of Christmas. Subsequently, the idea of adapting the two other volumes of the trilogy was suspended and finally abandoned.

Disappointed by this adaptation missed the masterpiece of Pullman, the fans of the saga have managed to get their hands on the initial scenario of Weitz, much more faithful to the book than the final production, and available for free on the Net. Other users have tried as much as to reconstruct a video of what could have been the “real” end of the movie without the intervention at the last minute studios. Less cautious than Hollywood and adoubée by HBO – which we know appeal to the themes of controversy, the version of the BBC is, therefore, expected at the turn. No official release date for the moment, the first season should have at least eight episodes. A second season would already be on the rails.

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