on Wednesday, January 16, 14 hours. In the studio of the Philharmonie de Paris, a hundred young musicians tune their instruments, the cacophony unique to the moments leading up to any orchestra rehearsal. On this day, the orchestra Demos, Marne and Gondoire (Seine-et-Marne) of the third year to complete, as every six weeks. A good exercise different sessions to bi-weekly in small groups which are more accustomed to the children. The goal is ambitious: to control the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, to the big concert in June.

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The sides of the wonders in the grass, the professors took their place ; they follow them since their arrival in the musical training. “It is aimed at children from modest backgrounds, otherwise they would not have access to classical music,” explains Daniele Latini, professor of clarinet at the orchestre de Montevrain (Seine-et-Marne). Before the Demos, which he joined in 2013, this musician had never given of course. “But I started to feel the desire to transmit,” he continues. Here, the pedagogy is different, you learn the music much more open to the conservatory. This is what made me take the plunge.”

“I loved the atmosphere, very different from those to which I was accustomed. The joy of the families of the children I was also pushed to join this adventure.”

Philip Grech, oboist

Philip Grech, oboist in the same orchestra for three years, appreciates the “new and experimental” teaching how Demos. “For me, the turning point came the first time I attended a concert. I loved the atmosphere, very different from those to which I was accustomed. The joy of the families of the children I was also pushed to join this” adventure, ” he says.

At 14.15 precise, the repetition begins. But without the instruments. Students work first the voice. Grouped around Anne Goniaux, singing teacher, children warm up their vocal cords in a manner for the least original: the energetic young woman with short cut hair their application of mimic gestures of everyday life. “Go”, one of the races! It pulls the tongue! It bends the legs!”, she said, suiting the action to the word, soon imitated by a host of children grimacing. Anne is demanding: “It does not bend enough, there! All those who have knees, it bends!”

one Hundred child voice intone the words of the Ode to joy

It shouts, it dissipates a little in the studio. But the teacher, while benevolent authority, ensures the grain and silences those who try to start discussions away from the music. When she began the repetition of the sung parts of the Ode to joy fourth and last movement of the 9th Symphony nearly a hundred children voices, pitched, thin voices, but fair, sing in unison the text in German. “Freude, schöner götterfunken” (Joy, beautiful divine spark)… The words of the european anthem, rise into the studio.

Nicolas Agullo, the conductor argentinian orchestra, chooses the moment all catching their breath for a big announcement. “Since the last time I’ve seen you, I have become a father”, says he, whipping up the applause. “It is a hymn to joy!”, exclaims a little boy in a jogging-sneakers.

“The teaching is great: children are never devalued”

Dominique, a donor to the project Demos

only Then, the children grab their instruments and go to their desks. At their sides, their teachers, who are also part of the repetition. A good way, according to Boris, professor of trumpet,”to enhance the bond with the children.” “We feel compelled to play impeccably, we must lead by example,” says-t it.

In the stands, patrons came out in large numbers. Among them, all smiles, Philippe and Dominique, a couple of retired parisians. They contribute to the project Demos for several years and appreciate visibly the repetition. These lovers of classical music are happy to “make discover to the children who without it, would probably never be known,” said a delighted Philippe. “The pedagogy is great: children are never undervalued,” adds Dominique.

Ducks and jokes caring Last year of rehearsal for the young musicians of the orchestra Demos: a stroll in the studio by playing a single note. Caroline Coupat

We have very soon the opportunity to see this caring work: from the first notes of the Ode to joy , the fake notes are unending. A result of lack of practice during the end of the year holidays? “I have a feeling that one has eaten too much liver of duck during the holidays”, teases Nicolas Agullo, charismatic with his tall and his brown curls. The sound quality ends, however, by improving the as the faces, concentrated, tend.

Behind, two cellists have attempted to discuss but are quickly called to order by the chef: “If you have an attitude neglected, it makes no orchestra!”. In the first rank, a petite blonde with a string of silver wound around the neck of his cello apply, not leaving the large brown eyes. Further, an oboist with the long braids, obviously a little lost, seeks help from his teacher. “For a first, it’s not bad,” commented finally Nicolas Agullo with the accent of argentina. “It is still not well, but it gives hope,” he says.

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It was already snack time, the perfect time to let the kids pour over their love of music between two cookies. For Nelya, trumpeter, 10-year-old from Bussy-St-Georges, Demos has been the opportunity to realise his or her desire to learn to play. “I love the music and I wanted to come to the Philharmonic, so I registered as soon as it is up to me”, she explains. What she prefers? The concerts of the end of the year, in the great hall of the Philharmonic. “I love it, it is a little like stars, all the world is watching us!” exclaimed she. A musician so passionate that she joined at the start of the school the conservatory of her city, where she takes one course per week, plus two weekly sessions with Demos.

“there is something magical in the music. Vous will continue or not, but in any case, something will have changed in you”

Nicolas Agullo, conductor

Sitting a row further down, Noah, Vincy, Esteban and Naji, four friends trombonists of 9 years, exchange friendship bracelets. They also come in Bussy-Saint-Georges. “Me, I’ve tried many instruments before choosing the trombone”, tells the story of Noah. Beside him, Vincy, very stylish in his vest patterned jacquard, reveals that he has had to insist to be able to learn the music, because her mother “didn’t want too at the start”. Since he joined the orchestra, it has taken trust in him: “The first concert I was super scared, the second less”. “I’ve never been afraid!”, swaggering her boyfriend Esteban. This small brown in a tracksuit does not continue the music the following year, because he wants to learn tennis. “But here, I have made super friends” hastens to add, in the general assent.

After a last exercise – a stroll in the studio playing a single note – it is already the hour of the end of the repetition. “There is something magical in the music,” says Nicolas Agullo young musicians prior to their departure. You will continue or not, but in any case, something will have changed in you.”

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