After six years of absence, the ex-candidate of La France rebellious in the presidential election (22%) is back at the festival of Humanity, located this year in Brétigny-sur-Orge.

But reconciliation with the Communists is not won, their leader Fabien Roussel having criticized Friday the New popular ecological and social union (Nupes), of which the PCF is a part, of not having been able to speak to the rural working classes. to gain power.

The communist leader said he was for “a labor left and not allowances” in order to speak “as much to the French in the cities as to those in the fields”.

“I ask that we stop the jeremiads instead of beating his guilt, we have advanced and scored points”, reacted Jean-Luc Mélenchon in front of several hundred people who came to listen to him on the biggest debate stage of the party. of humanity.

Responding to a journalist from L’Humanité, he continued: “Certainly, we must always do more, but we have become the first party of the unemployed, precarious, young people under 35, of urban centers, we are the people of humiliated and oppressed”.

Recalling that the Nupes had “won the first round”, neck and neck with the presidential camp, the Insoumis regretted: “In the second round, the right preferred to vote white or abstain, let a facho pass, they have reconnected with the worst in their history, Hitler rather than the popular front, now it’s Le Pen rather than Mélenchon”.

“Fascism, as Marxists analyze it, is to prohibit and prevent the class struggle” by deflecting it through “racism, that is to say in the fight against Muslims, against immigrants,” he said.

According to him, the left can therefore “move forward only in the battle against racism and Islamophobia” and progress by going “to see people, one by one, door-to-door”.

Mr. Mélenchon concluded: “It’s enormous what we have done, you Communists must think about it more strongly than the others, it is the victory of the strategic line decided together in 2012 and pooled in 2017”, the two presidential elections where he was able to enjoy the support of the PCF.