At the Institute of Russian language, tried to prevent the mistake in the ballots on amendments to Constitution

the Institute of Russian language named after V. V. Vinogradov stated that he had warned the organizers of the poll about gross grammatical error in the newsletter of a nationwide vote on the draft amendments to the Constitution. About this on air of “Echo of Moscow” said leading researcher of the Institute Olga Severskaya, a co-author of the program “Speak Russian”.

According to her, this was discussed even at the stage of preparation of the ballots. Candidate of philological Sciences noted that the approved presidential decree, the wording “do You approve the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation” has caused issues for many voters. Seversky explained that such language violates the language rule that the word “change” requires the use of prepositional in this case.

“If we insist on “change”, only “the Constitution”. Apparently, the scholars who made up the Bulletin, just missed the word “insertion” and decided that it will do” — said Severskaya.

Earlier it was reported that Russian linguists have drawn attention to the fact that in the ballot on the amendment, the word “Constitution” is not in the nominative.

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