pandemonium at the Louvre. This Tuesday, the day of weekly closure, the museum moved its main icon: The mona lisa . Enjoying a patronage of AXA, the hall of the States, it is usually the jewel, to take effect in his main phase of renovation.

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Already the forty paintings in the place, mainly of the great masterpieces of Sixteenth-century venetian, have been stalled. Since march, a selection is presented passage Mollien (Denon wing, first floor, room 713), the rest are in reserve or in the laboratory. Exception has, however, had to be made for Wedding at Cana of Veronese. A too large size (677 x 994 cm), frame fixed to the wall removed, the monster will be protected from the dust and heat of the work, through a formwork of wood built.

The floors have suffered not 15,000 to 20,000 people hammering on every opening day

Monna Lisa (with two “n’s”, a contraction of “madonna”, and not a single since “mona” means in Italian old bodies …

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