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At the national Museum of the History of immigration, an el dorado disenchanted

hot Topic today, but also yesterday. Questioning the notion of hospitality in the country of transit or the host. At the national Museum of the history of immigration, the course chapitré of Persona Grata , cleverly designed by the two curators Anne-Laure Flacelière and Isabelle Renard, avoids the pitfalls of mawkishness and caricature.

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A neon floats on the first core, an “eldorado” illuminated in all the letters covered with black paint L. M. Bakir submits immediately the dilemma: the promised land will she be the one as expected? For the Chilean Enrique Ramirez, the migrants who take to the sea leave behind a floating house, La Casa (2013) , in a beautiful video in chiaroscuro.

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The liner Sarkis, Armenian, born in Turkey, settled in France since 1964, is an eloquent testimony of this journey to the unknown horizons which results in the disenchantment. In an installation-sculpture, 2001, the Cameroonian Barthélémy Toguo reproduces the buffers of the visas required to cross the borders. While the young video artist Laura Henno is interested in the clandestine networks that operate between the Comoros islands and the French department of Mayotte.

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The paint is the media narrative of young Chinese Xie Lei or Judit Reigl, to discuss the underground. From to find a nest: Moataz Nasr, whose Dome of woven wood is laid on a bed of crystal, or to be offered a cup of tea by Laure Prouvost, before returning to the sea with the video artist Zineb Sedira. To another promise.

Persona Grata

national Museum of the history of immigration 293 avenue Daumesnil (Paris Xii)

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