At the new school, which will open in Yuzhnoye Butovo, children will be able to deal with robotics and 3D modeling

In 2021 to Stary street, possession of 13 are preparing to put into operation a new school that will accommodate up to 625 students. According to the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, in addition to the classrooms in it are classrooms with robotics and 3D modeling.

the four-story building will look like a few of the rectangles that will perform in contrasting colours. It is equipped large gym with showers, an Assembly hall, a canteen, a medical room and even IT the ground. On each floor there will be recreation areas. The school is equipped with lifts and ramps to make it accessible to disabled students.

On school grounds will make the football field, basketball and volleyball courts, a running track, install horizontal bars and fitness equipment, will also provide a Seating area and a site for scientific experiments.

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