there were beautiful people on Tuesday night for the opening of the 12th edition of the francophone film Festival of Angoulême. Xavier Bettel, the prime minister of Luxembourg, country of honor of this 12th edition, began with a rousing talk praising the merits of the francophonie – highlighted by the event – but also the diversity in its country of origin. A message warmly applauded by the public and dubbed by Franck Riester, the minister of Culture French, who was present at the ceremony.

He was not the only figure in the political world to make an appearance: former president, François Hollande, came to support his girlfriend Julie Gayet, director, and producer who has to make Filmmakers in the special session. Co-directed with Mathieu Buisson, this documentary explores the challenges faced by twenty men and twenty women filmmakers across the world. Not all stakeholders are in any case not fail to thank Dominique Besnehard and Marie-France Brière, the founders of this appointment heralded the start of the school film.

“The dog plays well”

public Side, the Angoumoisins the most far-sighted had made the trip two and a half hours before the ceremony to attend. Others have simply been turned away.

Screened-in opening, My dog is stupid , the new film by Yvan Attal, has attracted over two thousand spectators in two cinemas are important to the city (Franquin, CGR). “I’m proud to see that the audience liked the film,” said Charlotte Gainsbourg, who plays the wife of the depressive Yvan Attal. Writer badly in need of inspiration, he chose, despite the advice of his entourage, to adopt a huge mastiff from Naples to sexuality somewhat invasive. A role for which the actor-director is said to be “completely identified”. Ben Attal, the eldest of the three children Attal-Gainsbourg, born in 1997, portrays a surfer addict.

This comedy sweet-and-sour approach with tenderness the themes of fatherhood, of the torque, of the transmission. It is adapted from a book of the same name by John Fante. Yvan Attal said that he had this idea for a film in mind for twenty years, but this project would have been revived at seeing his son read the book in question. At the exit of the room, opinion was divided: “sensitive” for some, “excessive” for the other. “The dog plays well,” mocked an audience member.

barely got out, fans far-sighted, always them, peaufinaient already the next day’s agenda. Taking into account the hours spent in the queues…