At the rally in support Furgala in Omsk have detained 11 people

About 100 residents of Omsk on Saturday I went to the rally of solidarity with Khabarovsk, where protesting against the change of the Governor.

the Police immediately warned the audience that the event was not agreed, and then proceeded to arrests.

according to the local headquarters of Alexei Navalny, at Dzerzhinsky square detained at least 11 people, including random people.

Some protesters came with placards, others just stood in a circle and talked among themselves.

it is Noted that one of the protesters “twisted” is unknown in civilian clothes under the supervision of the police.

the Detainees were put in three different paddy wagon and taken away in an unknown direction. In the police Department number 10 also took the juvenile, who was just passing.

against one of the detainees are checking on the article about the use of violence against a representative of authorities (article 318 of the criminal code).

Earlier in Moscow is detained the participant of actions of solidarity with residents of the Khabarovsk territory. Tough activist was detained after the issue of a police officer, where he came from.

on Saturday, Russian city dwellers go to “feed the pigeons” in support of the arrested Khabarovsk Governor Sergey Furgala almost anywhere there are detainees. On 25 July, during protests, police arrested at least 70 people in 14 cities. On 18 July it was reported for at least 56 detainees.