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At the Royal Academy in London, a dream of Oceania


The arts aboriginal of the largest continent of the world (if one includes its waters spread all feathers and idols outside until 10 December at the Royal Academy in London. The canoes stabilizer, long of over six metres and taper as razors, are those which émerveillaient captain Cook when in the race they doubled as his vessels. Maps navigation branch of sugar cane, and shells prove yet the marine engineering of these first peoples of Australasia, Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

paddles, totems, shields, and puzzles rival the decorations of interlacing and spirits warriors. Fish hooks of bone or shark tooth surprise by their ergonomics as much as the necklaces of jade, and the cloaks of feathers or chest mother-of-pearl delight in their refinement.

In vast expanses of turquoise blue or forest green, it turns around these parts, the fruits of the expeditions, the pioneers

The statues of Papua, new guinea, Marquesas or Gambier islands that fascinated Apollinaire, Picasso and André Breton are still witnessing the wide eyes. What creativity in Oceania! …

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