Authorities described the house in TSAO will start to settle on renovation of the following

In the capital, under the program of renovation now settled 134 of the building. Inhabitants of the house No. 12/15 on the street podvoyskogo in the Central district of Moscow has already received an order to buy Flour in the journey, the house №2.

the Next in line for resettlement, according to the head of the Department of urban planning policy of Moscow Sergey Levkin, the center will house №18 on the street podvoyskogo.

As said Levkin, high-rise building in Milling fare occupy from November 2019. Newcomers will be welcomed in comfortable apartments finished to the same standards of renovation.

Total CAO in the program include 109 houses. To settle and demolish plan 52 of them. City officials have picked the 10 “starter” sites on which to build houses for the wave of resettlement.

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