Authorities in Arkhangelsk region complained about the shortage of medical workers

The Minister of health of the Arkhangelsk region Anton Kabanov said about the lack of professionals in medical institutions. As reported 29.Ru according to him, people operate in a large enough voltage. “Plus, in November we formed the vacation schedule, he added. But nevertheless, the work continues, despite the summer time”. As noted Kabanov, in this case the deficit “objective and Malovishersky”. The statement of the Minister about the shortage of staff was confirmed by the head physician of the First city clinical hospital. Volosevich Sergey Krasilnikov. He said that people retire at quarantine — “it is at least two weeks.” According to him, the hospital loses staff “due to objective reasons”. “The main tension right now with personnel. Other issues — organizational plan, financial — we have no” — added the doctor. Earlier in the sit room oblastna reported 115 new cases of infection per day. Only in the region for all time was revealed 4992 cases COVID-19. 37 people died, 2295 — recovered.

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