“We will maintain the bonus of 6,000 euros on the purchase of electric vehicles. It was to stop on July 1, it will be maintained until the end of 2022”, said Mr. Le Maire on CNews.

“We have a great ambition which is to accelerate the transition from thermal vehicles to electric vehicles. We must support our compatriots (because) many of them absolutely cannot afford an electric vehicle”, he said. justified.

This premium intended to encourage the sales of new vehicles with low greenhouse gas emissions, which warm the atmosphere, had risen to 7,000 euros the day after the first confinement in March 2020, before being fixed at 6,000 euros.

A decree is being prepared on the subject, the Ministry of the Economy had simply confirmed to AFP on Tuesday evening, after Les Echos revealed the extension of the bonus.

During the previous five-year term, some 430,000 ecological bonuses were distributed, according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Last year, the market share of hybrid vehicles rose to 25.8% (11 points) in France and that of electric vehicles to 9.8% (3.1 points), while diesel vehicles saw their share fell by 9.5 points compared to the previous year, to 21.1%.