Average prices for gasoline in Russia for a week has grown by 9 cents

Average consumer prices for gasoline in Russia from 29 June to 5 July rose 9 cents to $ 45.27 ruble per liter. About it reports Rosstat. According to the service, average prices for gasoline AI-92 rose by 8 cents — up to 42.78 rubles per liter. Gasoline AI-95 became more expensive by 12 cents to 46.38 ruble per liter, and the cost of gasoline AI-98 rose by 10 cents to $ 52,37 rubles per liter. Increased cost and diesel fuel (+6 cents) – 47,94 rubles per liter. Rosstat adds that gasoline prices rose in 55 subjects of the Russian Federation. The most notable price growth was recorded in Sevastopol — by 1.9%. In Moscow during the reporting period, gasoline prices rose 0.2%, in St.-Petersburg has not changed.

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