More than a year after the death of his son, the father of Avicii gives his impressions. The artist, 28-year-old was found dead on April 20, 2018 in Muscat, the capital of the sultanate of Oman, where he would spend holidays with friends. Due to scars caused by a broken bottle at the level of the wrist and the throat, the thesis of the suicide was immediately considered.

More than a year after the sudden death of DJ, considered by his peers as one of the most talented of his generation, is still present in the minds of all. In an interview given to CNN, Klas Bergling, Tim’s father, looks back on the causes which according to him led to this tragic act.

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“As a road accident”

“Our theory is that he has not planned his suicide, it was like a road accident. Many things have happened and it has put him out of control,” he said at the microphone of CNN. “When he was going through a bad pass, and he called me. Always. We talked a lot of his thoughts about life, about meditation, about love… We had long discussions, once, it lasted over an hour, near the ocean,” said the man with the chain american.

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If you are happy or extremely happy, you are not far from becoming unhappy…

Klas Bergling

For Klas Bergling her son was happy, but “if you are happy or extremely happy, you are not far from becoming unhappy… small things can make you feel sad or disrupt your balance. I think this is what happened. As a DJ or artist, it is necessary to do so many things that we don’t want to do. In the end, it eats a part of you”, he confided.

Projected onto the front of the international scene with his two greatest hits Wake me up and Hey Brother , in 2013, the young DJ was not able to handle the pressure of touring, ” adds his father. “It takes a lot of effort: travel, waiting in airports, stay awake later.” The Swedes do not hide not, moreover, his health problems and had announced that in 2016 it will mixerait more on stage.

The album posthumously by the artist, entitled Tim was released on June 6. All the proceeds are donated to the Foundation T im Bergling , which helps in the prevention of suicide.