Avito and CYANOGEN want to connect to the public services

The Ministry of communications has offered to aggregators of goods and services on the Internet to connect to the Unified system of identification and authentication (ESIA) of the portal “public Services”, the article says “Kommersant”. As noted, participated in the experiment confirmed the property finding service CYANOGEN and commercial site “Avito”. About the prospects of such plans, said the portal of the sale and purchase of cars “Cars.ru”. The article States that such measures should help to reduce the level of fraud on the grounds, the number of which increased with the transition to self-isolation. Clarifies that the experiment will last a year starting from 1 July. Participation for Internet sites will be voluntary and free. Although the connection to the ESIA will not be paid for aggregators, they may still require completion of its own system, explained in the press service of the Ministry of communications. They added that they will not have access to user data in the services ads.

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