one of The guards of the body of Aya Nakamura was indicted on may 29 for “organised fraud, attempted fraud and money laundering”, has revealed The new yorker on Thursday. The damage amounted to several hundreds of thousands of euros. The twenties, a stature of a boxer and sure of himself, the man ensured the safety of the star at the Cannes film festival, while she was the muse of Magnum.

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stays in luxury hotels at half price or large sedans rental for the price of a Twingo: it is this that suggested the scam ads posted on Snapchat. The men of the brigade of fraud with means of payment (BFMP) of the judicial police in paris have tiqué on price weakness. After some research, they discovered that a young woman sub-leased luxury services leased through card numbers, bank provided, presumably, by the employee of Aya Nakamura. The fraudeuse has also been examined.

The guard’s body would have physically abused her for cador, and, above all, its proximity with the singer of malian origin who seduced the young French with hits like Djadja or Pookie . The young man approached and deceived vendors and professional health care workers to convince them to steal the banking information of their customers. All of them have been heard by the forces of law and order.

The complaints have poured in. The scam has been true of the victims among the customers pickpocketed, but also among those seduced by the ads at discounted prices. After The new yorker , the musician was unaware of the actions of a young man, hired by his label, Warner Music France. “It is a contract which has been commissioned with Aya Nakamura, ad hoc manner”, confirms the production house. “We will no longer call to him,” take it in stride.

Aya Nakamura is accused of “parasitism”

The troubles continue for Aya Nakamura, who was accused, moreover, of “parasitism”. In question? Pookie . This is not his poodle curly, but the title of a tube, released in April, which rises to 50 million views on YouTube. Kyo Jino, a stylist in paris for 23 years, says that the star has “taken over” in her video clip of the outfits that he had presented a few months earlier. A subpoena was filed. “Exploit the idea of someone else, without his or her agreement and to get a market value of parasitism,” one can read in the document. Is a way to take unfair advantage of the efforts made by another.

Kyo Jino would have sent the singer a “mood board”, board presentation, before organizing a session of photos in which the singer had posed in her creations. But the young man would have discovered, in the clip, “that some of the ideas of dress” imagined in the “mood board” or to the meeting “had been purely and simply picked up again by the singer” without that”at no time he has not been notified or consulted”. It includes two dresses and a fur.

Kyo Jino had shared on the social networks, to the exit of the clip, his “indignation”. What the Aya Nakamura said: “the complaint and we’ll see.” He had then given notice, via his production house Warner Music France, to pay him 50,000 euros in compensation for “damages suffered as a result of the spoliation of his work”. He had received an end of inadmissibility.

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“We are not aware of any prior cause”, assured the lawyer of Aya Nakamura, the address referred to in the summons being that of turner clip, Totem Production, Clamart , and not his home, she explained. Home of Aya Nakamura who had been burglarized last April, when she gave a grand concert at the Olympia.