let it go? Ever. Aya Nakamura is “in his behavior”. The singer of 23 years makes it clear in his songs that score everywhere in Europe since last summer. At the heart of a controversy a few hours after the release of her new video Pookie, the singer has replicated so salty.

The stylist Kyo Jino accuses the translator of Djadja of stealing his artistic creations for the outfits of his video. On his Twitter account, it involves the singer. “It’s disgusting what. Steal the mood board I had made for the filer to your team for your last clip Poookie . I believe that I have a dream!” And adds “You want to steal my creativity. Pfff, just disgusted by this industry (…) I am even more shocked that you do it to a brother black. Frankly, zero”, said he.

The charges to which Aya Nakamura was happy to reply in laconic: “ideas belong to those who perform them. #AurevoirMerci”. A tweet expeditious, that didn’t sit well with many users. Since then, Aya Nakamyura is keenly criticize on the social networks.

Tweet by Aya Nakamura subsequently cleared screen Capture Purepeople

“You have given too much of importance to Aya Nakamura, now it takes for Beyoncé”, may be read in response to his tweet, or even “It must soon come down again on earth, otherwise the fall will be fatal. She took the big head”.

The main concerned has responded in another tweet that she was quick to remove. “You’re making it up not a life because I have not validated your taff and then if what you say is true, stops crying on the networks, brings a complaint and we’ll see”, as shown in the screenshot taken by the site Purepeople .

Aya Nakamura offers Fontainebleau

For her video clip Pookie , the singer takes possession of the castle of Fontainebleau and wander in the galleries, but also in the rooms, accompanied by their choreographers. Throughout the video, one sees in various outfits, including a long yellow dress, reminiscent of the one worn by Michelle Obama during the promotion of his book, to Become.

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This is not the first time that the stars fall under the charm of the place. Lana del Rey was filmed in the château de Fontainebleau for its clip Born To Die , in 2011. More recently, the short film that presents the Capsule collection of Chanel by Pharrell Williams has also been done in the royal remains to the south-east of Paris.

Watch the clip Pookie Aya Nakamura: