“Hello papi but qué pasa?” A question that Aya Nakamura sings with a joyous recklessness in a melody of Latin caribéénne in his tract Djadja . The video title is the most popular in France on YouTube, this year, with 254 million views.

How to explain the amazing success of this small young woman in Aulnay-sous-Bois, almost unknown to the public before this year? This heroine of the platforms of streaming, called the NRJ Music Awards is today a true musical phenomenon.

This summer, Aya Danioko, his real name, has erupted in Europe with the songs “caliente”. Throughout the summer, the singer of 23 years has trôné at the top of the hit parades of the old continent. In the netherlands, it has even equaled a record held by none other than Edith Piaf! And if Aya Nakamura was the artist of the year?

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The figures plead in its favour. His second album, Nakamura , released in early November, has sold more than 100,000 copies and has just been awarded a platinum certification. A reward which welcomed the young woman on social networks.

This is not all. In addition to its millions of views on YouTube for Djadja , Aya Nakamura came to the top of the list of female artists most listened to on the platforms of streaming in France this year. On the social networks, ironisait even giving the record name, the more poorly pronounced in the evening, in reference to his passage at the NRJ Music Awards.

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On Twitter, his fans, which combine the verb “Nakamurer” do not hesitate to use superlatives to describe their idol. “The best (sic) French artist of all (re-sic) time”, “too much gun”, her talent was “God-given”, write some. Others make even the standard-bearer of “gender equality”.

It is thus, in all logic, that she has caught the eye of the media across the Atlantic. On the occasion of the release of his new album, the singer was at length entrusted to The Fader , the cultural magazine new yorkers connected. She mentioned the difficulty of breaking into the music when one is a woman. A story she tells also songs.

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In his tracks, the singer attacks sexism and machismo. In Djadja , it tells the story of an ex-boyfriend who lives badly in the separation. “The day we meet, must not tchouffer,” she says. “I have not the time to have the time / I tèj all your guys / please tell them gently”, she sings in Behavior . No need to join, “tel-ho”, it “needed a real djo”, clamp-t-it in Girlfriend .

Gentlemen, you attention. There are slaps that are lost, ” she says on the social networks. Then, the “djos” in “Catchana”, “dead it”?

Djadja – Aya Nakamura