Azerbaijan again accused Armenia of firing on the border

the Armenian soldiers fired heavy weapons and artillery in border villages of Tovuz region, said the press service of the defense Ministry of Azerbaijan.

we are Talking about the villages of Agdam and Alibayli, located near the territory of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh.

for its part, the press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Armenia Shushan Stepanian assessed the situation ha as “quiet”.

According to him, the night, the military opened fire on “enemy tanks” and stopped their movement. In this regard, he promised to provide “interesting footage”.

we will Remind, on Saturday the Azerbaijani defense Ministry accused Armenian forces of violating the ceasefire in Tovuz district. Armenia claimed that the military of Azerbaijan tried to seize the border base. The victims of the clashes with both sides were 13 military.

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