Azerbaijani President: We need to be prepared for the most critical situation due to coronavirus

the health System of Azerbaijan should be ready for the most critical situation in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. This was stated by President Ilham Aliyev in an interview to local media.

“during a pandemic it is necessary to mobilize all our capabilities so that we came out of this situation with small losses” — quoted Aliyev Azerbaijan Sputnik.

the President acknowledged that Azerbaijan has not yet managed to reach a positive trend — the number of infected each day exceeds the number recovered. According to him, the available beds for patients is enough, but “we must be prepared for any situation.” The main cause of the spread of coronavirus, the head of state called the irresponsibility of people who do not observe safety rules.

Ilham Aliyev pointed out that the question of how long the current quarantine regime, whether it will be tightened or relaxed, will be solved in the near future.

today the number of people infected with coronavirus in Azerbaijan exceeded 21 800 people, recovered more than 12 thousand died 258 ill. However, the daily increase of new cases in the first week of July is kept at 500-600, whereas this figure a month ago was $ 350-400.

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