The 523,199 senior high school students from general and technological high schools will work from 8 a.m. Wednesday on three subjects (two essays and a text commentary) planned as part of the new formula baccalaureate, decided by the former Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blank.

Philosophy represents a coefficient of 4 for candidates for the technological baccalaureate and a coefficient of 8 for candidates for the general baccalaureate (out of a total of 100).

Last year, the philosophy test had been adjusted due to the Covid-19 health crisis: it was the best mark that was retained, between that obtained in the test and that of the continuous assessment, on condition of returned his copy. This year, only the score for the June 15 test counts.

Start of return to normality in 2022. But not quite since the specialty events, never yet organized, have been postponed for two months, to be held in mid-May.

The marks of the tests which are held in June (philosophy and great oral) will not be taken into account in the platform for access to higher education Parcoursup, which has been delivering its answers to the wishes of candidates since the beginning of June. But they are taken into account in the average of the baccalaureate, sesame necessary for those who want to continue their studies.

– After the philosophy, the great oral –

Philosophy is one of the most feared tests by high school students, who sometimes consider it “abstract” and conducive to the dreaded “off-topic”.

“It’s still a four-hour test, which is not easy and for which we try to do the best, even if many of us say to ourselves that we have not worked enough on this subject”, sums up Clarisse, 18, in Terminale at the Racine high school in Paris.

The subjects proposed to the candidates take into account the conditions and requirements formulated by the programs in force, recall the professors of philosophy. With this test, the candidates must mobilize the philosophical culture acquired by their work, within the framework of their year of Terminale. This exam does not require in-depth knowledge, familiarity with a particular philosophical tradition or even a skill beyond the reach of an average candidate, they want to reassure.

Clarisse says she is “confident” because “the chips are down”: “My first wish on Parcoursup has been validated, I know that I will have my baccalaureate and I know what I will be doing next year”.

After the philosophy, the high school students will take the oral test, between June 20 and July 1. The results of the baccalaureate will be published on July 5.

Since the baccalaureate reform in 2019, the baccalaureate mark is based 40% on continuous assessment and 60% on final tests (written and oral French, passed in Première class, philosophy, specialty tests and grand oral, passed in Terminale).

The baccalaureate pass rate has exceeded 80% since 2012. Last year, nearly 94% of candidates passed the exam that gives access to higher education.