in France, as in most countries, streaming has gradually emerged as the dominant model in terms of listening to music. With him, the music industry has found a health that had been deserted during the long years of crisis in the disk. With this type of listening, the habits of consumers have changed. In some of the aesthetic, the playlists are now the law, and we think less in terms of the album. Some of the artists have understood the benefits, which feuilletonnent, counting off song after song rather than waiting until you have completed ten tracks for the offer to the public. This is the case of the young hope of the hip-hop Rilès, which is made known to you end posting a song a day on the YouTube platform before signing a contract with a house of discs. If many of the productions of rap and electronic music have adopted these methods, French chanson and pop music are more reluctant to borrow. In these musics, the album remains the standard metre …

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