Baldness is called a risk factor for coronavirus

Baldness may be a risk factor for COVID-19. This was stated by experts from universities in the United States and Brazil, quoted by Hospimedica. Scientists conducted a study which showed that male sex hormones — androgens may participate in the penetration COVID-19 in the human body. High levels of these hormones, as is, leads to loss of hair.

expert Conclusion is confirmed by the fact that men are more vulnerable to infection. Perhaps, therefore, the coronavirus is not dangerous to children because in their body before puberty is maintained a minimum level of androgens, experts suggest.

Anti-Androgen Drugs for Male Baldness Could Provide Possible Breakthrough Treatment for COVID-19:A team of…

— (@HospiMedica) June 26, 2020

“Our discovery links the infectivity of SARS-CoV-2 with androgens, those hormones that cause male pattern baldness and the development of prostate cancer,” said Andy mountain, working in the Department of dermatology Medical school of brown University.He added that on the basis of the opening it is possible to propose the hypothesis that the antiandrogenic drugs can potentially be used to treat COVID-19.

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