The Belgians have the art of surprise and above all to live, through strong personalities, a rock-accented individuals, since TC Matic, Arno, passing by dEUS, not to mention Venus, Girls in Hawaii, Ghinzu, or the divine singer Year Pierlé. No consistency in the styles, but at least an approach that is quite authentic and elegant, tinged with a requirement of art, which place in general their productions in the top of the basket.

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Balthazar – in fact its two pillars, Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere – is no exception to this rule. In 2012, the Flemings were imposed with an album refined and subtle ( Rats – Pias) where the melodies and the quality of the voice, falling on the construction footprints of nostalgia in the mists uncertain. After a willingness to follow courses more personal (Devoldere with his project Warhaus very pop intimate, and Deprez became J. Bernardt, exploring the universe of songs with more electro), the training is back with new innovations and fresh ideas for its fourth installment. As if the escapades with each other of two friends from childhood had been to slam the shutters and through the window a cool breeze and invigorating, their universe is colorful and dilated. The energy and the groove are no longer retained, bass and funky brass sections, choirs, soul, and a slew of percussion instruments adorn the house, tap your foot and slap hands.

The grumpy see the opportunism of the commercial, the idea of making something that works. It is to be unaware of this spirit of post-punk that lies dormant in addition to-Quiévrain. It only requires a little bit of hops to wake up and drag the dirt in the sound of a snare drum, the imbalance in the balance of a guitar, rhythms and wonky with a melody is impeccable, the orientalism in a layer of a violin or a solo sax 1980s when nobody expects it.

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the songs on the album the Fever don’t have much to do with the atmosphere of the previous installment of Balthazar. The confrontation on the stage of the past and present will certainly lead to a cocktail to the variations confusing. But, to be surprised, isn’t this what we are waiting secretly when we queue at the appointed time in the concert halls?

Casino de Paris 16, rue de Clichy, 9th arrondissement of Paris.
Tel.: 08 926 98 926.
Date: on 25 march to 20 h.
Seating: from 29,70 to 35,20 €.