This is Deadline who had the exclusive. Wednesday, Warner Bros. revealed to the american media that the new part of Batman will be without Ben Affleck, after months of suspense. The actor has confirmed on the social networks and said he is “excited” for the release of the film scheduled for 25 June 2021.

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A Batman in a tale “black”

The film should focus on the story of a Bruce Wayne young, as announced many rumors in the past few months. Interviewed by our colleagues from the Hollywood Reporter , Matt Reeves reveals a little more about the character and his desire to be “a tale of the black around Batman”.

“I hope that the story will be as exciting as touching. This will be more focused around the next detective Batman than we have seen up to now in other films,” says the director, who took over the reins of the character in February 2017.

“there is already a story like this in the comics. Moreover, it is supposed to be the best detective in the world, and this is not something we have seen before in other films. What I adorerai this is a adventure where he traquerait criminals and he tries to solve a crime, this will allow his character to have a new arc of a narrative and transform,” reveals the filmmaker.

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Warner Bros. and the DCEU are trying to go up the slope

Since Aquaman , Warner and DC Extended Universe (DCEU) try to go up the slope slowly. And if nothing is won yet, the arrival of Shazam (David F. Sandberg) and Joker (Todd Phillips), this year, could yet change that.

on Monday, a first teaser fast Birds of Prey has been unveiled. There are Margot Robbie as the traits of the exuberant Harley Quinn (that the public has discovered, in 2016, in Suicide Squad ), alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ewan McGregor, Derek Wilson and Jurnee Smollett-Bell.

With The Batman , Matt Reeves will not be the only one to disembark at the cinema in the summer of 2021. Warner Bros. recently revealed that DC Super-Pets , an animated film devoted to the pets of super-heroes, will be released on may 21, 2021 in the room. A planning charge, which will have to convince the fans “super” disappointed of what they have been able to see since 2016.