The mobilization of the people support the yellow vests seem to snowball: they are more numerous of personalities to declare in recent days their support for the uprising against dear life. Among the latest to have joined the movement, Muriel Robin. “Yes, I’m with the yellow vests,” wrote Thursday the actress on his Twitter account, claiming his social commitment. “I am and will always be on the side of those who suffer”, she said, judging it to be “indecent the measures taken”. However, she conceded that she was not going to be more involved in this fight, being already heavily involved in another cause. “If you know me, you must know that I am very involved with women victims of domestic violence and it takes me a lot of time,” she continues. Unfortunately, I can not accompany all the fighting”.

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A little earlier, on 1 December, another actress has also expressed its support to the movement of social protest. It is Béatrice Dalle, which is erected in the pasionaria of the people revolted on Instagram. “Paris under the bombs, in Paris, under the bombs, we do not have a revolution in eating buns guys…,” she wrote, justifying apparently the violence of some demonstrators… Among the comments of this publication, some people show themselves to be shocked by this call to violence, but most support the unforgettable interpreter of Betty in 37°2 the morning .

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PARIS UNDER THE BOMBS PARIS UNDER THE BOMBS is not a revolution in eating buns guys … go children of the fatherland @lesgiletsjaunes @parisbrule @slab.beatrice @joeystar_r_dah_punkfunkhero

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another actress admits to being in solidarity with the yellow vests and seems to justify the excesses of the protesters: Pamela Anderson, according to which there has to be more serious than misbehaviour. “I despise violence,” wrote the star of baywatch on Twitter on December 3. “But what is the violence of these people, and these luxury cars burned, compared to the structural violence of the elites in the French and global?”, questions-t-it.

Other celebrity to have expressed his support for the protesters dressed in a chasuble fluorescent: Rachel Legrain-Trapani. Thursday, the Miss France 2007 was posted a long text on Instagram to explain his position. “I’m neither for hatred nor to violence, but I can’t stay silent. I totally understand the anger of the yellow vests and the French people. Our politicians are far removed from the realities and of what the French have endured,” she wrote. The companion of the footballer Benjamin Pavard knows what she is talking about, she who has known the purposes of difficult months. “I lived recently only with a smic and a child to raise, this is why I can understand the distress of many of the French,” reveals the young woman, who claims the government is “a tax burden tolerable and equitable” for the “everyday heroes” can “live in dignity”.

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#support #giletsjaunes

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other stars have also recently taken a position in favour of the yellow vests, including the pioneer of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre. “I am proud to be French and proud of the yellow vests”,-he said in an interview published on December 6, in The new yorker . The one who describes himself as a “privileged” sees in the behavior of the thugs, a “violence is intolerable, but also, through the images, “a shock for the whole world”. He draws a parallel between the current revolt in France and other social movements in other countries. “We are all “Yellow Vests”, he says. This is not just a problem with French, it is a malay world”.

Michaël Youn has also joined the social protest. On Twitter, the comedian said he “was overwhelmed by the despair of the yellow vests and the misery of growing”. Unlike other celebrities, he condemns the use of force. “Their struggle is that of an entire people . And shall in no event be recovered by the extremes, or those who wish to chaos,” he wrote. It is therefore committed on a personal basis, he supports the choice, very criticized, made by the Enfoirés, of which it is part, not to take a position for this engagement. “The Enfoirés, there are 50 individuals each with their own way of thinking, which gather every year for 30 years to help thisows that do not have enough to eat. No more, no less”, the judge said it.

in Front of the wave of critical comments elicited by the part of this post regarding the Enfoirés, Michaël Youn drives the nail in a second message. “We will still not blame the volunteers of the Restos du cœur not to engage the French are poor… Then that is what they do for 30 years!?”, if annoys-t-it.

Finally, Francis Lalanne, has also joined the yellow vests. Wednesday, he went even further than the other by offering the protesters to present a list in the next european elections, with the support of his political movement Alliance Ecologist Independent. With a member of his movement, Jean-Marc Governatori, he would even finance the campaign to the tune of 800.000€. Slight problem, however: for now, both do not know who to go to in the yellow vests, in the absence of leaders identified…