“I come from a family of hyper modest and you don’t have the means to be green,” explains Béatrice Dalle in response to the ecological ideas of Marion Cotillard. The actress of 54 years of age, was asked Monday in the issuance Amazing ! dedicated to the movement of the “yellow vests”. Expressing his “unconditional support” to the citizen movement launched in October 2018, motivated initially by the rejection of the increase in the price of fuel, the actress says that although the ecological transition is important, everyone “does not have the means to be green”: “I’m at least 1700 € on my account, I have no apartment, no car, I live with a friend,” says the actress. I do independent films, I do theatre subsidized, I have never the money, but I’m not complaining.”

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unconditional Support for the Yellow vests on the day of glory has arrived guys @bobeedavid @oscar_bizarre @slab.beatrice

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Invited to France Inter in December last year, Marion Cotillard, had deplored the lack of means on the part of governments to help citizens to be part of this transition to a “greener” lifestyle: “You can’t ask people to change their ways of eating if you do not help, we can’t ask farmers to go organic if we don’t help them.”

One thing is for sure, Béatrice Dalle showed that she had not lost her outspokenness. Known for its about no-filter and several controversies, the actress has said that he is delighted to do the interview at the Conciergerie in Paris, explaining that “the place was home to the last tears of Marie-Antoinette” and adding, “And n**** his mother Marie-Antoinette”, because “she was the only queen that did not work for the poor”.