Beauty salons and hairdressing in St. Petersburg is again opening its doors to visitors

beauty parlours resumed in St. Petersburg on July 13. The corresponding decree was signed by the Governor Alexander Beglov.

“July 13, resumed in full working hairdressers and beauty salon (by appointment), provision of bathing services, as well as some household services”, — stated in the message.

Also on July 13, the residents of St. Petersburg can contact the Center for organizations of social service for the recognition of the need of social services not only at home but also in stationary and semi-mobile form.

In areas of sports organizations once again will be to conduct training. Access is allowed only to the coaching staff, athletes, trainees, and support staff.

In St. Petersburg were 26 thousand 681 case of infection by the coronavirus, has recovered after being infected 20 thousand 734 human died 1 thousand 520.

In St. Petersburg, the mortality rate for June for the first time in 10 years exceeded 7 thousand people. These are the data of city Committee on Affairs the registry office. Last month died 7 thousand 106 people. For comparison, in June last year in St. Petersburg and died on 4 thousand 575 people.

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