Became known, as the coronavirus lives in the water

90% of the particles of the coronavirus to die in room temperature water during the day. As reported by RIA “Novosti”, stated in the CPS.

it was said that 99.9% of the virus particles are eliminated under the same conditions for 72 hours.

Earlier, the head of Rospotrebnadzor said that neither in fresh nor in sea (salty) water coronavirus is not able to reproduce. However, it remains there. The problem can be solved by boiling the water, it instantly kills the virus, assured Popov.

on the Eve of the Information centre coronavirus reported that in Russia for the last day of the coronavirus officially confirmed in 5 thousand 475 people. During the day, — 169 deaths.

Total in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic contracted the coronavirus officially 828 thousand 990 people, died 13 673 thousand, recovered 620 333 thousand.