Became known new details about the death of 18-year-old Russian blogery in Bali

Before the death of 18-year-old blogger Anastasia Tropical had a fight with his father. Writes about this “” with reference to Telegram-channel “Mamalahoa”.

the Network appeared the video with the comment of the girl. Anastasia after a conversation with his father admits that he does not understand how you can “freeze my daughter, who at 18 years (…) full of Goodies made”, a “nonsense”. The reason for the conflict with the parent of the girl did not elaborate, but said he did not want to have with your father. nothing to do.

remember, today Tropical in a motorcycle accident in Bali. Together with her on another motorcycle was riding her young man, he was not injured. Anastasia has over a million followers on Instagram, she called herself a self-made millionaire.

Video 🔞 from the place of death of the Russian blogery-millionaire Anastasia Tropical in Bali. Girl motorcycle crash:

— NTV (@ntvru) June 21, 2020

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