Became known shocking details of plane crash in Pakistan

the Pilots collapsed in the city of Karachi, a Pakistani Airbus A320 was so excited to talk about the coronavirus that made some fatal mistakes. This is stated in the report about the plane crash presented in the lower house of Pakistan’s Parliament.

As follows from the text of the document, the entire flight, the pilots discussed COVID-19 and ignoring important things. So, at a distance of 10 miles from the runway the aircraft must be at altitude 2,500 feet, and he was at 7220 feet. Although the three controllers informed the pilot that the aircraft flies too high, the pilot stated that he will handle it. In addition, five nautical miles to the strip the pilot put the chassis, although they had previously been released.

the report also pointed out that the blame for the tragedy and air traffic controllers, as after the first attempt of landing was damaged both engines, but the tower informed the pilot that the engines caught fire.

pilots And controllers do not comply with the Protocol that led to the disaster, emphasized in the report.

we will Remind, on may 22, the plane fell on houses approximately 4 km from the airport, near Karachi and burst into flames. Onboard there were 99 people, of whom 97 died and two survived.

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