Became known the possible date for the resumption of flights of Russia with Turkey

In Turkish Airlines announced flights to Russia from July 16. It is reported by ATOR.

the schedule of the Turkish carrier are flights to 123 international destinations, including in Russia. According to Turkish Airlines, since July 16, is scheduled to perform 14 flights a week to Moscow from July 17 — three flights a week to St. Petersburg, from July 20 to three weekly flights to Krasnodar.

“In the message carrier is not specified the points of departure from Turkey, so it is not clear whether this is flight only from Istanbul or possible flights from Antalya. And this is not clear from the booking system of the carrier”, — stated in the message.

Now to buy affordable tickets for flights from St Petersburg to Antalya from July 1 is contrary to the announced plans of Turkish Airlines to fly to the city on the Neva river only from July 17.

If you follow the stated dates 16, 17 and 20 July and to assume that the first opens air link with Istanbul, the round-trip ticket on the route Moscow — Istanbul will cost from 20 thousand 445 rubles, St. Petersburg — Istanbul — from 23 thousand 600 rubles, the Krasnodar — Istanbul — from 21 thousand rubles. Information about the flights from Turkey to other cities of Russia.

Earlier, the Ministry of transport has developed guidelines for ensuring the safe operation of checkpoints across the state border of Russia in the conditions of coronavirus. The document says that employees of the state control authorities operating at border crossing points across the border and leaving Russia or entering into it people need to wear gloves and masks. All these persons should also measure the body temperature.

the Ministry of transport recommends, among other things, to place in waiting rooms and toilets at the entrances to checkpoints and exit from them containers with antiseptics to disinfect hands.

Recommendation applies to road, pedestrian and multimodal crossing points the border and the checkpoints operating in the airports, and rail, sea, river and lake points.

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