Became known, when in St. Petersburg will be removed coronavirus restrictions from shopping centers

Petersburg will move to a new stage of removing the “coronavirus” restrictions from July 27 — the city will open shopping centers. This was agreed between the government of St. Petersburg the Federal service and the business specified in a press-service of Vice-Governor Evgeny Elin.

the Parties agreed on safety measures for the resumption of work of the enterprises of public catering and trade centres, as well as made the decision on the introduction of market self-regulation, providing for the merger of big business in the community, who will monitor the situation on the implementation of security measures and improve their standards. At the same time, the business will use checklists and regularly provide information to the public about the measures taken to ensure security.

Also will remain the obligation of informing the business of the industry Committee on the resumption of activities and receiving a QR code. The structure of the code allows to report or to supply a satisfactory assessment of the measures taken.

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