Because kovida, struck the players of FC

the final round of the RPL Match between “Krylya Sovetov” FC “Sochi”, is scheduled for July 22, will not take place.

according to a Twitter Samara team, “football club “Sochi” sent a letter to the “Wings”, which indicated that the epidemiological situation will allow the team to play a match in Samara”.

Coronavirus in the ranks of FC “Sochi” was revealed on July 16. Ill 9 people in connection with what not held a meeting of the team of FC “Tambov”, the club counted technical defeat 0:3.

So now the residents are again counted technical defeat, and “Wings” will get three points. However, due to the technical victory “Tambov” Samartsev have almost no chance to stay in the Premier League: if now “Wings” will be credited with the victory in the failed match with “Sochi”, they’re only equal on points with “Tambov”, but in personal meetings samarians behind.

will Remain or not Krylya in RPL depends on the decision of FC “Khimki”, which is still not announced, they come to the Premier League or remain in the FNL. Hidatsa that the decision will be made in the coming days.

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