Because of a descent of cars from rails near Tula suspended selling tickets for 10 trains

After the accident on the railway near Tula suspended the sale of tickets to 10 passengers.

As the press service of the Moscow railway, do not sell tickets on the site “Tula — Orel” on the train going from Moscow to Kursk, Belgorod and Adler, as well as on the back of the train in that direction.

in addition, suspended the sale of tickets in this interval on a train plying between St.-Petersburg and Belgorod, in both directions. Two trains on a route Belgorod — Moscow do not sell tickets for the whole route.

we will Remind, on Sunday afternoon on the two-lane stretch of Lazarevo — Schekino in the Tula region derailed freight cars with pellet. There were no injuries, but damaged 700 metres of the railway. According to some data, derailed 22 of the car.

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