hard Blow for the metal fans. The Mayor of Plessis-Pâté (Essonne) has announced on Monday the cancellation of the Download Festival, which was scheduled to begin on may 29, 2020 for a period of three days. The fault in the work already planned at the station of Bretigny-sur-Orge, which may pose a problem for the movement of festival-goers.

“The SNCF has announced that because of heavy work on the line C of the RER, no trains will service the station of Bretigny-sur-Orge on the weekend of 29, 30 and 31 may 2020. In the light of the complications created for the festival-goers who will not be able to join the festival in optimal conditions, we have taken the decision to cancel the edition 2020 of the Download Festival, announced on Facebook the organizers.

In another message, it is said that the event will come back perhaps, but with a different name and a new formula. “I allow myself to speak on behalf of the team, this is the event that keeps us most to heart, since the first day, because we love viscerally the rock, but mostly because you’re the best audience in the world,” said the community manager is required to manage the horde of comments unhappy.

A second cancellation in a row

The Download Festival decided not to postpone the edition of 2020, finding that it would be impossible to find a new niche to bring together as many of the giants of the rock. Previous editions of musicians of the calibre of Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Guns N’ Roses or Foo Fighters were invited to attend. It is a new setback after 2019.

In November 2018, a joint statement, published on Facebook, and signed by the urban community in the Heart of the Essonne belongs to Le Plessis-Pate and by the organizer of concerts, Live Nation France, said to have “agreed to postpone to the summer of 2020 the next edition of the Download Festival”. A year that had to be harnessed to improve the festival in view of the next edition of “more in line with the new aspirations of the public, and better adapted to the new inspirations of the site: more green, more local, more responsible…”, stated the press release. A wish that will remain so pious.

● Download Festival Paris – 2018