Because of coronavirus in the EU institutions there was an acute shortage of translators

the structures of the European Union there is a shortage of interpreters due to the termination of contracts with freelancers on the background of the pandemic coronavirus, writes Politico.

According to the newspaper, the contracts were cancelled due to a perceived reduction in the need for translations during the spread of the coronavirus. In particular, decreased the number of problems for translators in the European Commission and the EU Council. As a result, the gap of contracts led to a shortage of interpreters in contacts of European politicians from different countries.

Some members of the European Parliament lost the ability to speak their native language, as there were no specialists providing translation. In particular, there were problems with translations from Portuguese, Scottish and Maltese languages, because translators were laid off or are unable to come to Brussels because of the current restrictions.

according to the publication, in the EU institutions on a permanent basis working a total of 800 interpreters. Before the start of the pandemic contract worked about 3.2 thousand freelancers. Earlier translations were required 40-50 sessions per day, at present interpreters are occupied, on average, five meetings per day, and also during video conferencing.

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