Because of the collapse of the bridge of the Railways in the port of Murmansk can send in a simple over 80% of the dockers

as a result of the collapse of the railway bridge across the river Cola can completely stop the operation of the Murmansk commercial sea port (MITI, included in the SUEK).

the Bridge across the Cola on the Cola stage — Output on the October railway collapsed in the afternoon of 1 June because of high water and strong currents of the river that eroded the average supports of the structure. Meanwhile, this railway line is a major artery for delivery of passengers and cargo in Murmansk, including at the seaport. In the Kola district introduced a state of emergency.

As reported in the press service of the Murmansk commercial seaport, has already stopped all work related to railway operations, and the situation may lead to a complete halt of the enterprise. The port handles more than 1 thousand 300 people, and simple can be sent to more than 80% of the workers.

Already diverted to other ports, more than 10 vessels, but an alternative logistics solution in any case will cost much more.

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