Pascal Thomas has always been attracted by the sea, this heroine, the landscape that he knows how to shoot as a person. Already, in Husbands, wives, lovers, , it had been value the island of Ré, in the summer, and hollyhocks on the fishermen’s houses… His new film because of the girls..? is no exception to this inclination secret. It all starts with a horizon line, showing the basin of Arcachon in the middle of winter. A silhouette, whose pretty face is hidden by a stole marine, sits back, gazing at the shore. We hear the cry of the seagulls. Some notes of the solemn organ resound behind her. She turns and walks towards the church where a convertible sports car awaits the newlyweds. The mysterious unknown leans against the door and waits as the doors of the church open. A wedding out in the arms of… Frédéric Beigbeder. Beigbeder himself into a faithful husband?

because of the girls … ? [VF] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

This is already a promise more than amazing which plays mischievously with the filmmaker. The beautiful unknown has only to honk the horn twice to abandon the married aboard the cabriolet, immaculate led by his mistress. After a moment of solitude, the young woman, abandoned announcement, in a blank voice: “It must be another one of his jokes…” And the guests of spinning in a haphazard manner to a restaurant overlooking the sea…

drink a Toast, sing and dance… Paradise Films

As if it were a precipitated, chemically pure, it seems that all the films of Pascal Thomas is summarized in this introduction bitter-sweet, as funny as it could be tragic. because of the girls..? is a comedy tonic, the oceanic climate, which sign the return in the form of producer Dilettante . At the heart of this wedding of which the groom had vanished, we prefer to soon-to-be to have fun, drink wine, sing and dance… and against all odds. The film enshrines a result of stories of love and gallant lovers ‘ talk more wacky or humorous as each other. These skits in mirrors parading as a mise en abyme, without doubt better to lose the viewer in the middle of this maze of romance, where even with the breadcrumb and it is not said that is the output. There’s the taxi driver poet who discovers the truth about her own daughters, the widower who wants to see naked women, the lover, who discovers that his future lover was to tattoo any Baudelaire on the body or even a young screenwriter who finds himself saucissonné with the woman caught in adultery of his patron… The troupe of actors confirmed that Pascal Thomas has committed to his film festoie never get rid of his good mood. Special Mention to Pierre Richard, a sort of sad clown philosopher to which he is made to say: “The time passes quickly. Don’t lose!”

In the grand apartments of Pascal Thomas, there are always beautiful libraries. One understands why: the director of My little finger told me love the books. In a moralistic light, jovial even, it still prefers to dance above the volcano of love, the disappointed, waiting to dive in. And when he makes one of his heroines, citing the prince de Ligne: “In love, like that of the beginnings”, it is better to invite the viewer to smile fariboles that tale with flavor and playfulness. Finally, if we laughed a good heart in this successful comedy, this is not because of the girls, it is thanks to Pascal Thomas!

because of the girls..? Comedy of Pascal Thomas.
With: José Garcia, Rossy de Palma, François Morel, Barbara Schulz, Pierre Richard, Marie-Josée Croze, Alexandra Stewart… duration: 1: 40