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Because of the pictures “bags of bodies” dismissed the head of Desdra Tomsk region

Because of the pictures

Head of healthcare Department of the Tomsk region Alexander Khlopov dismissed from-for scandal with photos of bags with bodies of patients in the local morgue.

the Correspondent of “MK in Tomsk” Stanislav Mikryukov, on 6 July, published in the edition of photos from the morgue at the city hospital № 3 Tomsk with “weird bags.” The next day, as the VTomske.ru operational headquarters of the Tomsk region has published a review of the acting chief of regional Pathoanatomical Bureau Paul Gorch, who said that the publication is “not true”. Gorch said that the shots — “the room in which over the weekend had accumulated bags of biological waste class “B”, in particular, used clothing, rags”.

Mikryukov, in response, published in social networks pictures with other bags, where it is seen that they are similar in shape not on the cloth and on the bodies of the dead. Some of the bags in the pictures are slightly opened. Do the bodies have the tags, one of them visible inscription “Cov…”. According to the journalist, all the pictures were taken July 3 and 4 in the same room.

the Chief editor of “MK in Tomsk,” city Duma Deputy Vasily Eremin said that he is preparing an appeal to law enforcement bodies with the requirement to verify. On the Stanislaus Mikryukova made the Protocol on administrative violation under the article on fakes.

on Friday, Governor Sergey Zhvachkin in connection with this scandal has sacked the head of the Department of health of Tomsk region Alexander Khlopov, obvinil him that the unknown could enter the territory and to take pictures.

“I don’t want to confirm or deny the facts stated in the Internet for one of Tomsk morgue. For this purpose, a Commission which in the coming days to finish the job. But I already have the simple human questions: in a closed health facility could go strangers? Why it is not running the system throughput mode? Pwhy none of the officials from medicine still can not clearly explain the situation?”, the Governor said Gwatkin.

“no one is allowed to mock the dead and discredit the work of our health workers,” — said Gwatkin.

Officially, in the Tomsk region revealed 2 thousand 846 cases of coronavirus, 26 people died.

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