December 7, 2018, the rapper Mac Miller succumbed tragically of a drug overdose. He was only 26 years old. A few months after the possibility of the publication of a disc posthumous comes to be revealed to the fans of rap via the site, specialized DJBooth. The producer Thelonious Martin, during an interview where he evoked the memory of Mac Miller, has unveiled this pretty secret. The rapper recently disappeared, in collaboration with Madlib, has co-authored an entire album, titled, as a tribute to their friendship, MacLib .

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For the moment still no official announcement of a possible output is not expected. But Thélonious Martin said that “if Madlib decided to bless the world, he must absolutely share this album with the fans”. This revelation is obviously not a vulgar stroke of marketing since the bassist american Thundercat, a friend of Mac Miller, has also confirmed the existence of this album secret on Twitter: “I was there when it was recorded. I can’t invent it”.

The fifth studio album by Mac Miller, Swimming , has just been named best rap album at the Grammy Awards 2019. According to Madlib, it would seem, therefore, that this opus will not be may not be the last.

Mac Miller – Self Care from Swimming