The bar is closed. Gone are the dry Martini, cocktails and a variety of the shaker, the caviar with a ladle… Seven weeks before the start of the filming of the 25th James Bond’s official, Daniel Craig will submit to a physical preparation worthy of the athletes of Olympia. The best secret agent of his very gracious Majesty knows, it seems, his fitness program on the tip of his biceps. To be ready the D-day, that is to say, at the beginning of march, he works alternately the muscles of the back, arms, legs, and, of course, its protruding abdominal belt that he loves to show off out of the surf.

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Our English colleague, the Daily Mirror, that follows meticulously the adventures of his favorite hero has just revealed a detail which shows the high professionalism of Daniel Craig. The actor, who has just become a dad at age 50, would have bought a driving.

Daniel Craig in New York in September. Ordonez Elder/Ordonez Elder/Splash News/ABACA

Refusing every worldliness in order not to be tempted by petits fours and foie gras and the famous French champagne which he loves, he is represented by his beautiful and young wife Rachel Weisz at the traditional Tea Party of the Bafta held at the Four Seasons London. True to his new monastic life, 007 has kept her little girl of four months staying at home, while his wife batifolait with the happy few of the all London seventh item

And this new stoicism bondien does not seem to be a momentary fad because a few days later at the Golden Globes, 007 has again had an attitude beyond reproach. Before the guests amazed, he preferred water to wine, and shunned the sofas. Its only madness? Chew a few alluring cereal bar.

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This is not the first time that James Bond submits to a strict diet intended to put it back in shape. In Never Ever , Sean Connery had to fight against “subversive elements”, toxins, and others, on the orders of his bosses of MI6. Today, physically correct forces, Daniel Craig don’t even need to receive any injunction. Because he knows he will need to be at the pinnacle of his abilities to be successful in its fifth and last mission and appeal once again to the lovely Léa Seydoux in which he demanded the presence on the board.

The physical requirement of the job of James Bond