Beglov has promised to fix the law

the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov has called the adoption of the law on “Nalivaiko” hasty. The channel he promised to make changes to the document.

“I wanted above all to protect the interests of residents. But in General the acceptance of this law is probably haste. The haste of the individual deputies. Because, probably, it was necessary to consult, meet with the appropriate community, talk to them, but just to study the issue,” said Beglov.

He added that the law will be amended that will allow you to work institutions that residents. Changes will be made before the end of this year.

we will Remind, in July in St. Petersburg passed a law prohibiting to place in homes cafes and bars smaller than 50 square meters. The main argument for such initiatives has been the protection of the interests of the residents of apartment buildings who suffer from noisy visitors.

With the adoption of such a law is not agreed as the owners and some MPs. According to Alexander Rassudova, a document can have the opposite effect — “fair will close and others will continue to exist — will simply increase the amount of bribes and kickbacks.”

According to Boris Vishnevsky, the size of the institution does not play a key role, and need to decide other ways. In particular, he proposes to establish restrictions on the area — 20 sq m, and to prohibit issuing organizations related license for the retail sale of alcohol the sale of alcohol at service of visitors. “In more simple language, should not be that one and the same point (that this is a “low bar”) up to 22 hours works as a shop and after 22 bar, but in fact — as a convenience store,” – said the MP.