Beglov hopes for Federal funding for the project of a new metro line

In St. Petersburg began to discuss the construction of a new subway line from Prospekt VETERANOV via St Petersburg to Pushkin. According to “business news Agency”, this issue was raised on Wednesday at a meeting of the Board of Trustees St. Petersburg state University. Details are still unknown, however, it is clear that without financing from the Federal budget to implement this project will not work. The Governor Alexander Beglov has expressed support for this initiative, adding that the city will not cope with such large-scale project on its own. According to him, city funding will not be enough. However, if assistance will come from the Federal budget, the construction of a new branch will be possible. “If we, the Federation has helped and supported us, it would be a completely different development,” said the mayor. In turn, expert of urban transport, Institute of territorial planning Urbanika Ilya Reznikov said that the construction of new metro line the city does not need a ground rail will be a cheaper alternative. Recall that SPSU will be transferred out of the city center in the Pushkin district, where the campus has already allocated an area of over 1 million square meters.

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