“many, many, many series and movies have referred to the drug addiction. My Beautiful Boy is part of these works, which are not easy, but that is painful”, said Timothy Chalamet at the first in paris, at the end of January, his last film. A few days of its release in theaters, Wednesday, Le Figaro reveals a snippet of the behind the scenes of the first film of the belgian director of A labama Monroe Felix van Groeningen.

My Beautiful Boy is based on the memoirs of journalist David Sheff (Steve Carell) and his son Nic (Timothy Chalamet). Their stories, Beautiful Boy and Tweak tell of the descent into the underworld of Nic, a brilliant young man, sport, quick wit, and cultivated. Consumer lifetime use of cannabis, Nic became addicted to methamphetamine. In eight years, he will be admitted in seven out of detox and will be thirteen relapses. Nothing seems possible to get it out of his addiction to the drug. Realizing that his son and became with the time a perfect stranger, David decided to make every effort to save him, even face to face with its own limits and those of his family.

The vicious cycle of repeated addiction

My Beautiful Boy highlights the vicious cycle of repeated addiction. The shame, the temptation of oblivion, the drugs, the fragility physiological certain in the face of drugs. Asking a lucid and without any judgement on the uncertainty and the suffering endured by the families, the movie brush as the portrait of the benevolent father and his son are united by an unconditional love. When the drama was presented at the international film festival in Toronto in early September, the authenticity of the father-son duo, and the chemistry between Steve Carell and Timothy Chalamet have hit the spirits.

After Call Me By Your Name , the actor of 23 years, has lost about a dozen pounds to play this son to drift, managed a new feat of strength. He played with intensity the duality of Nic. Sometimes Dr. Jekyll, now, Mr. Hyde, according to his sobriety. Mi-ange, mi-demon capable of greater abandonment as the larceny of the more mean-spirited. The heart and the soul. “I was very worried at the idea of evil to play someone who is alive and well,” acknowledged Timothy Chalamet before to remind what weight the drug scourge is a public health emergency in the United States. In 2017, 72.000 Americans have succumbed to a drug overdose. About 49,000 of these deaths were the result of consumption of opiates: heroin, but also opioid pain relievers prescribed on orders.