Beirut in ruins — the explosion killed 70 people and affected more than 3 thousand

a Blast tonight at the port of Beirut, which affected half the city, was the bloodiest in the history of Lebanon. Authorities have reported more than doubling of the number of victims.

First, the Ministry of health announced that 50 people died (before the death toll was estimated at 30), but very soon came reports of 67 and, finally, 70 casualties, reports Al Jazeera.

the Number of injured increased from 2750 to 3300 people and then down to 3700.

the Explosion was a double and there was, according to preliminary data, the floating warehouse with explosives. Destroyed many houses, under the ruins of the people, in the midst there was a huge fire.

there was first the findings of the investigation: on the air soared 2.7 kt of ammonium nitrate. Explosive substances were stored in this place in 2014, the blast was triggered by welding work, informs TV channel LBC.

Meanwhile, nearby Israel, had long been with Lebanon in conflict, in connection with the tragedy called on Beirut to forget quarrels. This was stated by the military: “Need to postpone the conflict.” Civil government of the Jewish state is ready to supply assistance to the victims and doctors — the health care system of Lebanon is in poor condition.

In turn, Chairman of the government of Lebanon Hassan Diab called on “friendly countries” to help his state. The wife and daughter of the Prime Minister was among the victims.

Before the state of emergency in port most deadly bombing in Lebanese history was the one that was killed in 2005 Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Together with the politician killed 21 people.